Frank Lee is a multitalented Canadian photographer and designer who balances aesthetics and technical artistry in everything from fine art to interaction design.

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Artist's Statement

My photography is about capturing moments in a way that expresses how I felt at that time, but also hopefully connects with the viewer's memories and experiences even if they have never been to that place.

I focus on everyday details and moments that are usually overlooked in the rush of life. We go from place to place yet rarely take time to truly see. Whether it is the arm of a chair, a sign, or the shoes of someone standing across the way, it's looking carefully at these simple things that fascinates me the most.

My photography reflects my interests in art, architecture, design, engineering, human behavior, history, culture, motion and energy. Yet none of that interests me without a story, and it's stories, my own and the viewers, that I hope my photographs bring to light.


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