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LTD Sightings
Updated January 21, 2002

Local Sightings | Special Sightings | Foreign Sightings

Ever notice how, once you buy a car, you start noticing all the other ones like it on the road?

Thanksgiving, 2001 A 1968 LTD Country Squire sighted while dining at Burgermaster in Bellevue, WA.

It glowed like a mirage under the yellow incandescent spotlights. The hubcaps looked spectacular!

Special thanks to Cathy for letting us know what model year it is!

Father's Day, 2001 1977 Mercury Cougar Villager in Bellevue, WA.

A rare beast! Haven't seen another Mercury-branded version of the LTD since the '74 Colony Park we spotted 4 years ago (see below). Plus, this one's got the finest, best-preserved original-equipment woodgrain applique we've seen in years!

Special thanks again to Angelo Russo for this info:

"1977 was the only year the large Cougar wagon was made along with the LTDII wagon in this body style. It disappeared at the end of the year to make way for the 1978 Ford Fairmont and Mercury Zephyr wagon ... However, the Cougar wagon made a brief reappearance in 1982 along with 2 door and 4 door sedan models based on the Mercury Zephyr."

"1976 and earlier, the wagon body was part of the Montego line. In 1977, the Montego nameplate was dropped in favor of facelifted models which bore the Cougar name along with the 2 door hardtop, XR7 Coupe, and 4 door sedan... LTD II models replaced the 1976 Torino, but the body sheetmetal stampings were mostly identical to the Cougar models with only unique front end treatments and other minor trim differences. This incarnation of the LTD II / Thunderbird / Cougar / Ranchero body shell ran from 1977-79 ... except the wagons were a 1977-only body style."

Mid-August, 2000 1974 LTD Sedan sighted near Rome, NY
Spotted 6/12/1999 near Spanaway, WA. This is probably an early-70's Country Squire.

Angelo Russo says: "1973-74"

Spotted 12/16/1998 in Bothell, WA. So this is what surveillance photography feels like. Looks like it might be an late 60's or early 70's model. Like the owner, it appears to be quite nicely preserved.

Angelo Russo says: "1971-72"

Spotted 8/19/1998 in Redmond, WA. Rounding a curve at high speed. Rear window appears to be fastened with duct tape.

Angelo Russo says: "1973-78"

colony park side view.JPG (10890 bytes) Spotted 9/27/1997 in Redmond, WA. This one's a Mercury "Colony Park", kissing cousin to the  "Country Squire" in the FoMoCo family tree. Not the same as the vehicle sighted in August (this one has plates on the front bumper).

Angelo Russo says: "1974 Mercury Colony Park"

colony park grille.JPG (14913 bytes)
colony park detail.JPG (11493 bytes)
LTD sedan spotted on 520 8-19-97.JPG (13272 bytes) Spotted 8/19/1997 on Highway 520 near the 405 interchange, WA. A well kept, late 60's or early 70's sedan. This shot taken from inside our LTD!

Angelo Russo says: "1973-74 Galaxie/LTD"

LTD wagon in Madison Park 8-19-97 (side).JPG (17209 bytes) Spotted 8/19/1997 in Madison Park, WA. Nice doors.

Angelo Russo says: "1975-78"

LTD station wagon spotted in Redmond 8-9-97.JPG (14949 bytes)

Spotted 8/7/1997 in Redmond, WA. Still has its original hood ornament and wheel covers. The headlights don't fold down though. Note the full-height wood effect around the body. 

Angelo Russo says: "1973-74 Mercury Colony Park"

1973 LTD Sedan at a demolition derby. Paint on doors read "purchase this" ...

And now, a Very Special Sighting of an LTD...



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