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LTD Shopping
Live the Ford LTD lifestyle with LTD music, movies, books, and accessories. 

Updated December 16, 2007

Station Wagon: a Tribute to America's Workaholic on Wheels
Ford Station Wagons 

LTD's, Wagons, & Ford-related books

Station Wagon: a Tribute to America's Workaholic on Wheels. A comprehensive and entertaining look at the station wagon's place in American transportation history. Includes some pictures of LTD's inside, plus a sideways reference to our website on page 190! We own a copy. We love it. You will too.
Check out the book at

Ford Station Wagons: 1929-1991 Photo History. All Ford Station Wagons, all the time!
Check out the book at

Station Wagons. Lots of pictures. "Covers American station wagons ranging from "depot hacks" of the 1920s to today's highly popular SUVs."
Check out the book at

Chilton's Ford : Full Size Cars 1968-88 Repair Manual (1995). "Based on actual teardowns", as they say. Amazing or sad -- you decide -- one book covers 15 years of FoMoCo full size vehicles.
Check out the book at

Standard Catalog of Ford 1903-1998 (2nd Ed). The author claims, "Compiled from the extensive data files of Krause Publications, this book covers the most statistics and factual data on Ford products than any other book."
Check out the book at

How to Rebuild Ford Engines V8, Covers All Makes and Models : 351C, 351M, 400, 429, 460. An reviewer writes, "I have owned my copy of this book almost twelve years, and I consider it one of the best automotive books I have. Do not try to rebuild a Ford V-8 without this book by your side."
Check out the book at

Ford Police Cars 1932-1997. Remember when the scariest thing in the world was to see a Ford LTD grille in your review mirror?
Check out the book at

Brooklands Road Test: Ford Galaxie & LTD 1960-73 (out of print). From the cover: "Road and comparison tests plus new model intro's and historical reports trace the progress of Ford's prestigious Galaxie and LTD. Models covered include the V8 Starliner, 390, 500XL, 427, 7 litre, Nascar Fastback, LTD 428, XL428 Fastback and LTD Brougham."

The Stepford Wives
LTD movies

The Stepford Wives (1975). A lovely opening sequence features a Country Squire departing NYC for beautiful Stepford.
Check out the VHS at / Check out the DVD at

More LTD movies!
LTD video game (sort of)

Twisted Metal 4 for the Sony Playstation. OK, so there's a station wagon with wood siding in this game that kind of looks like an LTD, but what really draws that connection is the kick-ass TV ad for this game that features an LTD Country Squire blowing up!! 

Check out the game at

The Musician's PlaceTo Shop!

LTD music

Thom Shepherd "Country Squire". Thom's 2003 album "Country Squire" includes not only a song titled "Country Squire" but also a picture of him on the hood of a 1976 Ford LTD Country Squire!
Buy all the copies you can at

LTD-A-Go-Go is a track on the 1994 Impala album, "El Rancho Reverbo". Thanks to VWB for calling it out!
See the Impala album at

L.T.D. Greatest Hits. What could possibly sound better in an LTD than the smooth, sensual soul of its namesake band, L.T.D? From their wide and varied discography, we recommend the Greatest Hits collection for maximum enjoyment.
See and listen to the L.T.D. discography at 

Lisa Miller "Quiet Girl with a Credit Card". The first track on Australian artist's debut album is "Big American Car," which is about the LTD she bought in San Antonio from a Mexican woman.
See the Lisa Miller's album at
See an article about Lisa and her LTD (search for "LTD" on the page)

LTD Parts and Accessories

Frequently, parts and accessories can be found at your local auto parts store or junkyard. Here are a few found using (we haven't actually bought anything from them, so for all we know they may suck ass): lets you search for specific parts on-the-fly, very cool! Internet Autoparts parts search

Sometimes, LTD parts appear on ebay

Posting a request for help on our message boards can often garner useful responses.

  Your Own LTD 

Search eBay for "Ford LTD". You'll be surprised at what you find. Models, advertisements, car parts, entire cars, many with pictures. You'll be surprised and delighted at the results. May cause cancer. Not legal in some states.
Search for Ford LTD on eBay 



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