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LTD Links 
Updated January 12, 2003
LTD sites The Ford Galaxie Club (in 1965, the Galaxie begat the LTD)

A selection of LTD hearses in Australia cool

Ford LTD's and other heavy American iron at the "Cape Fear" event in Finland

The Ford LTD Hub

A Ford LTD site with a cool domain name!  

1974 Ford LTD wagon being prepped for demolition derby  

1977 Mercury Marquis that was almost in a demolition derby 

1972 Ford Country Sedan "Big Green Car," with haikus! cool

A history of EBlanchard's 1967 Ford LTD

The MattAss 1986 Mercury Colony Park wagon

The Ereaux 1966 LTD coupe  

Doug's car history (including 2 LTD's)  

Heavy Woody  

Brian's 1976 LTD wagon

Boomer's LTD page

Prater's LTD page

Ducheny's LTD page

Horner's LTD page 

The LTD zone

The Squire Cowboy

The Green Machine (now deceased)

Daryl's 1973 LTD Brougham Wagon

Ford Australia's LTD page (the brand lives on down under)

JEM's 1964 Ford Country Sedan station wagon


LTD Art Cars 

Mistress Barbie's LTD at Burning Man 97

Rick McKinney's LTD at Burning Man 97

Kathleen Pearson's '83 LTD "Love 23" at

Ken Crimmins' '72 LTD "Leon Sphinx" at


LTD in news and literature Question about mint condition 1978 LTD in Car Talk

The Lament of a Former LTD Owner

The LTD in Joseph L. Aldern's "AUTObiography"

Metro teens ride the wave of used car craze in The Detroit News

An article on station wagons citing this site in the Ottawa Citizen

Australian singer writes song about a $700 LTD from Mexico
(see Lisa Miller's album "Quiet Girl with a Credit Card" at CDNOW)

There's a citing in the July 1999 print issue of US Magazine


Station wagons TownCarGuy's very unique 1973 Lincoln Continental station wagon new

The "El Orbit" 1970 Ford Galaxie Country Sedan  

The Solid Rock Cruisers' 76 Super Salmon (Chrysler Town & Country) cool

Station wagons at the Land Yacht Marina

Yahoo's Station Wagon category


Other stuff  Photos from the "Yank Attack" event in the UK cool


A sweet Pontiac Catalina gallery, including a wagon version

'74 LTD Mesquite, Texas police car on

8-track heaven!

Looking for the Australian Ford LTD? Try this site instead.


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