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Guest Stars International
May 25, 2003

Wanna show yours here? E-mail a picture to us at or post it on our LTD Community photo album!

Domestic | International | Custom | Community Photo Album


Michael in Denmark just picked up this fine 1972 LTD Convertible -- look for it at  the biggest US car meet in Sweden in July 2003!


Takahiko in Aichi prefecture (Japan!) drives his Country Squire every day.  How does it fit in those streets?!

Masu in Finland presents his 1978 LTD wagon with a 352 (transplanted from a 1975 Ford pickup) and FMX transmission.

"Car runs well and doesn't mind at all if
temperature is -25 C here in wintertime."

For all of you who have been wondering, "What is it with these Scandinavians and LTD's," Patrik from Sweden provides some insight along with this photo of his '71 LTD:

We have this strange subculture in Sweden, it's called "Raggare". A free translation of "raggare" would probably be "cruisers" or something. The swedish word "ragga" literary means "to pick up girls" ie at a club, at the beach or whatever. Hence, a "raggare" would actually be someone picking up girls for a living. Now, for some reason the meaning of the word "raggare" describes a young male, with an Elvis hair cut, driving an old American car. I am a member of the local raggar club. There are about 50 raggar clubs in Stockholm, Sweden. Over 1000 clubs in entire Sweden. The clubs in Stockholm get together every friday in central Stockholm for the big event of the night - the cruising. It's really nice, hundreds of old American cars from late 40's to early 70's driving around the streets in Stockholm. Now, a raggar's car is more than an american car. To fit as a club car you'd have to have a V8, not less than four doors and at least one visible customization. F**kin' big and bad!

Rob Hartog in the Netherlands presents his daily driver, a 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 LTD hardtop.

"I spend a considerable amount of money on gas,
to keep 390 cubic inches of hungry V-8 alive."

Rob also notes that LTD's like his in the Netherlands were frequently in service as taxis, and LTD wagons were often used as hearses...

Check out Günter's LTD hearse in Enzersfeld, Austria! More pictures of this amazing LTD are in the Custom section.

Tuija's 1974 LTD is in Ruotsinkyla, in Southern Finland. It was bought near Sacramento, CA in 1995 during a 5-week vacation, then left with friends in Fair Oaks to be sold. But when Tuija returned in 1996 for college, the car was still for sale. "So I bought her. I didn´t want to sell the car after my college year so she was shipped to Finland in 1997 and registered in April, 1999."

Belgian '72 Country Squire

Dominik's '72 Country Squire resides in Herentals, Belgium. He acquired it in Novermber 2000 and has been working on restoring it -- check out the details and more pictures at his website.

French '69 Country Squire

Vince's 1969 Country Squire lives in France! Here it is doing limo service at a wedding in 1999. More pictures at his website -- be sure to check out his great page of LTD ads.

Meet Pieter and Kai and their 1978 Country Squire!

Hinterglemm, Austria

Idyllic Spain

Apparently, Spain isn't too generous with parking spaces

Pieter in Holland gets a lot of quality travel time out of his Country Squire. Here are pictures from vacations in Austria and Spain (see more in LTD interactive photo album).

"We bought our car in 1988 in Maastricht, it was love at first sight! In 1990 we even got married in it! We don't drive very much, because of the gas and tax rates in Holland are very, very high. But; in 2003 our car reaches the age of  25 years, and at that age you don't have to pay the road taxes no more. (approximately 250 dollars per 3 months). Gas is approximately 1 dollar per liter (not really cheap)."

Coen's land yacht among its nautical brethren.

Check Coen Mol's '73 LTD Country Squire pictured on summer holiday at Antibes, Cote d'Azur. "We had our yearly summer holidays over there and she still runs like a clock. I use her daily and commute 120 miles a day with her. With a big smile."

Some history behind Coen's LTD: "It was imported by Shelby Cars in Den Haag (The Hague) two years ago and recertified for dutch road use at 10-09-1998. It was sold then to a Utrecht resident who used it 3 times a week. I bought it 14-12-1999 and live in Waalre near Eindhoven in the south, near the Belgium border"

Here's Coen's LTD as he first spotted it!

Gianni's 73 LTD Country Squire in Italy

Originally from New York, now it's in Collegno, Italy. Its new plates read "BC 400 CI", for "400 c.i."

Deja vu in Finland

We spot this car in Helsinki, Finland in late May 1999. Almost exactly a year later, Juha of Espoo, Finland, emails to tell us about an LTD movie; we discover that the LTD we'd spotted in Helsinki belongs to him! (it's named "Citrus") 

[It's a] "76 LTD Station Wagon Brougham with a 400, 4-core radiator, 4-wheel discs, full tow package, trans oil cooler, oil cooler, and fully loaded, with bucket seats (in vinyl) and American Racing Torq-Thrust ultra-light wheels, in magnesium. Bought it near L.A. back in 1989 and shipped it over back then - have been tremendously enjoying it for the last 11 years!!!"

Markus' 1978 LTD makes it halfway across the US

In Summer 1997, Markus of Cologne, Germany, owned this '78 LTD for 4 months. "We made it  from Kansas to SF and back, 2 weeks, many nights and many miles we also went to St. Louis, New Orleans. We sold it for $350 to a bartender in Manhattan KS. It had a 351 Cleveland engine. I miss this car  ;)"

Sakke's '78 LTD wagon in beautiful Finland
(see more in LTD interactive photo album)

Hans-Owe has a 1974 Ford LTD in Hova, Sweden

Tino's LTD
Tino's beautifully restored 1973 Ford LTD in Kalix, Sweden

ford2.jpg (8869 bytes)
Per Ake's formidable 1970 Ford LTD in Jamton, Sweden

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