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Guest Stars Custom LTDs
May 25, 2003

From around the world, LTD owners have sent in pictures of their beloved LTD's. We've organized them into 3 sections -- "Custom" for customized LTD's, "Domestic" for LTD's in North America, and "International" for LTD's from everywhere else around the world. 

Wanna show yours here? E-mail a picture to us at or post it on our LTD bulletin board photo album!

Domestic | International | Custom | Community Photo Album

Theo in Florida got his grandfathers 1970 LTD Brougham in 2002 in NB. Looks serious with at 15% tint and '95 Mustang Cobra wheels:

Theo writes: "I'm looking now to add a aluminum intake and ditch the 335cfm 2 bbl carb. I'm told with a 750 cfm carb, cam, intake manifold, minor headwork and headers, it will run mid 13's at the strip, which would make me pretty happy!"

"I know it will never be a Torino or Cobra, but you don't see LTD's this clean anymore, and certinly not one that runs 13's :D"

A damn fine 1966 LTD, which immigrated across the border in 2000 from Tennessee to Toronto, Canada:

Owner Matt Smith says, "I was looking for some MOPAR muscle down south, but once I saw the LTD, I just went nuts."

You know, folks, LTDWorld has been around since 1997, and we've received pictures of LTD's of all types from around the world. But this 1977 LTD ... this LTD is the Queen Mother of All LTD's!! Not only has it been outrageously customized, but it lives in Enzersfeld, Austria!

Packed with power: 6.590 ccm, 134 kw

Thanks to GŁnter Ried for sending us these pictures!

If you haven't yet figured out what this LTD is used for, check out GŁnter's website (and if you can't read German, try using viewing it with babelfish).

This just in: more funereal LTD's in Australia!

Tom S. says: "You gotta love big American cars!"

One year ago, Tom in Richmond, VA, sent us some pictures of his '70 LTD coupe (check it out). But with a new coat of Wimbledon White and American Racing Torque Thrust II mag wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich rubber, she's a whole new machine.

A.C. Wood's LTD art car in Austin, Texas (unfortunately, the website which is listed on the fender of her car is no longer available).

Tom's slick black '75 Ford LTD Coupe started off as an $800 project

Tina hauls her 3 kids around in this classy 500hp monster

Tina's '77 LTD Country Squire packs a bored-over 464 with an Edelbrock carb and Flowmasters for that boss sound.

"I've had my wagon for 3 years now, and I won't give it up
for anything.  I paid more on the tires and wheels than what I paid for the car.  I have 3 boys and I need that extra space.  I feel safer in the big boat than I do any of the new cars they have now.  Big deal about air bags, my car is made of real metal." 

A "horny" '78 LTD wagon. 

Owner cewearl says, "I paid 5 for all the horns and sold for 25 at a yard sale that I was visiting."

Georgia-based '71 Country Squire

She sports a 3-inch Flowmaster, shift kit, lowered front suspension, air shocks in rear, American Racing Wheels, and a 325 9" rear end. More pictures at the LTD Community


Kenny of Classic Motorsports sports this  1969 Country Squire XL-GT with 390-GT motor, C-6 automatic with shift kit and U-Bar shifter ... and yes, the Cobra hood scoop is functional! See more pictures, including the balanced and blueprinted engine, at the LTD Community

Brian's lowered '76 LTD wagon in Amarillo, TX

Ryan's LTD
Oh. Mah. Gawd.
Ryan's 73 Ford LTD Country Squire is gonna kick your ass

Next: See more normal LTD's from around North America!


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