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Guest Stars Domestic
Updated May 25, 2003

Wanna show yours here? E-mail a picture to us at or post it on our LTD bulletin board photo album!

Domestic | International | Custom | Community Photo Album


Paul D's 1972 LTD Convertible sparkling at a car show.


John in NY reports that his '71 LTD convertible (named "Orca") can "get the whole family and half the neighborhood in for a ride."


Joe in WV sends in an idyllic picture of his '72 LTD, which got a new engine and exhaust system this summer.


John in Illinois picked up this '78 Mercury Colony Park (the Mercury version of the Country Squire) for $40. "I bought it for $40 and put a fuel pump in and a tire and it was ready to go. It has a 400 V8 with a C6 with a little over 100K miles." However, by the end of the story, he'd locked up the motor and spent another $1500 to swap in the engine of a '77 LTD sedan. See more of it at John's webpage.

And that's not the least of John's stable of Ford LTD's -- here's his '77 LTD Country Squire (400, C6) and '78 LTD Sedan (351W, C4)!


Joe sent us these pictures of his friend's 1975 Ford LTD in Minnesota. "It has about 55,000 miles on it and it purrs like a kitten! It has a 351 Cleveland in it and the body is in perfect condition!"


Jonny Mind's 1970 Ford LTD Brougham hardtop has a 390ci engine.

Yeah, that classy chrome strip around the top edge of the body line reminds me of the 60's-era Lincoln Continental.

Check out the sporty wraparound dashboard!


Joe from NW Illinois presents Edna, his 1977 LTD (142K miles, 351 Cleveland, and the best $600 he ever spent).

"Edna was our get-away car for our honeymoon... We call the back seat the 'sofa'."

"And the greatest thing is that I got out of 7 parking tickets while living in Chicago... I parked Edna in slots entitled "COMPACT CAR ONLY"...  Edna is 21 feet 8 inches long (8" longer than many trucks).  All that beauty and she is only a two door... "Aren't two doors compacts?" I asked the judge-dude while in court contesting the tickets."

(for another LTD Coupe owned by another Joe, see below)


Poly wrote us hoping to find a buyer for her LTD on eBay:
"I won't even get into the emotional issues of letting this car go. Yes, I am emotionally attached to a car. This "big boat" (as my friend affectionately call it) has never once left me stranded, never stalled, never died, always stopped on a dime and has treated me and my family well."


Joe's LTD suffers from shotgun blast damage on one side and a serious case of fender cancer on the other. On the bright side, it does have all four hubcaps. See more pictures of Joe's car in the LTD Community.

Jason's triple green LTD "T-Rex"

Jason says: "You've really got to be fond of green to ride in this one. Green exterior, green vinyl top, and yes, an all green cloth interior. Paid for...check. Cheap insurance...check. Smooth ride...check. Good gas mileage...well, that's a different story."


Millbury, MA Mike Swanson shows off his very green '77 LTD sedan. The interior is in shockingly new condition!

Woodeman's immaculate '78 Country Squire 

106,000 miles on the clock and an immaculate interior. Ogle the gorgeous vinyl back seat in the LTD Community

Proud Mary

... is a super-clean unrestored 1971 LTD Convertible. Once a resident of Calgary, Alberta, she's now in Memphis, TN. See more pictures of her at the LTD Community

Extremely red

Bill Bradford's 1971 Ford LTD Convertible in a lovely New England autumn setting. More pictures of this alluring beauty on Bill's website.

The Parducci LTD

They describe their beautiful 1977 LTD Sedan as: "84,000 miles, cold air, mint body and interior." Uh-oh, you know what that means. She's for sale. Check the website.

Meet MIR

Ken in Tennessee shows off his 1979 LTD wagon, named Mir -- "Like the space station, it has been held together with tape and wire for years, but still gets used daily ... It has been my daily driver for 4 years now, and my grandfather
drove it for 17 before that."

1970 LTD coupe

Tom Saunders of Richmond, VA picked up this hot 1970 LTD coupe in summer 2000. 351W 2 barrel, FMX auto tranny, AC,  front disc, rear drum. Check her out at Tom's website. Look what she looks like 1 year later.

1972 LTD Country Squire station wagon

 Michael Kreha's 1972 LTD Country Squire station wagon, which is currently "powered by a 351W-2V that doesn't make any noise other than what comes out of the dual exhaust pipes," ... but that'll change with a sound system upgrade...

Doug and his dad's '75 LTD Brougham
(see more in Doug's website)

A sexy pair of LTD wagons in Tuscon, AZ. 

One is '77, one is '78. The '77 belongs to Stoneman (see more in LTD interactive photo album)

'69 and '70 Country Squires sent in by Andrew

Raynkel's '78 LTD wagon
(see more in LTD interactive photo album)

Jeff's '68 LTD Country Squire in Randolph, NJ

Daryl's 1973 Ford LTD

VCATION, all I ever wanted!
Kurt's frightening familiar Ford 1977 LTD Country Squire

Next: See LTD's from around the world!


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