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LTD Credits 
Updated October 2000
LTD website uses Nikon Coolpix 900 
In use summer 1998 - current

Sony DSC-F1 digital camera 
In use summer 1997 - summer 1998

Microsoft FrontPage
It doesn't get any easier than this

Adobe Photoshop 
For all your retouching needs

Tires Plus 
Only $25 for used tires, including installation!

Al's Auto Supply 
Cheap and cheesy parts and accessories

For those hard-to-find 70's grooves

LTD Crew thanks Kurt, Jessica, and Ryan
Without them, where would our LTD be now? (wait, don't answer that)

Burgermaster of Bellevue
Where you dine in your car!

Ford Motor Company
For creating the Magnificent Ford LTD

Tupac Shakur
Because LTD backwards stands for Da Thug Life

No thanks OPEC
For jacking up gas prices

Because they suck

Because they suck even more

Redwest Parking Nazis
Maximum sucking power



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